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22 October - 13 November
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Our Stories: digital methods for supporting transitions of autistic children and young people.

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What’s on offer?

This two-part virtual presentation via Zoom focuses on exploring and promoting the research undertook in the ‘Our Stories’ Project. A Project that focused on the development of innovative Digital Stories - to support autistic children and young people in the transitional processes between home and school. This interactive talk will include space for discussion and questions and involvement from community partners, including schools and families.

What’s it about?

The Autism Community Research Network @ Southampton (ACoRNS) is a research-practice partnership between Education and Psychology at the University, and school leaders and practitioners in the local community.

Our Stories focuses on the development of an innovative methodological approach – Digital Stories - to support autistic children and young people in transitional processes. We do this through co-creating short videos that enable the participation of children and families so that important information about the child and about the spaces or places to which they are transitioning can be shared. This event will showcase how this approach has been used in different transitions including: moving from Y6 to Y7 and meeting health care professionals. Speakers include Kate Buckingham from Springwell School in Southampton, and Dr Samantha Holt from the University of Sussex.

Who’s leading the event?

The event is hosted by Prof. Sarah Parsons (Professor of Autism and Inclusion, University of Southampton) and Dr Hanna Kovshoff (Associate Professor, University of Southampton) who lead the Autism Community Research Network @ Southampton (ACoRNS).

Open to

Our event is targeted at the range of stakeholders involved in supporting autistic children and young people ineducational and related settings; this group includes parents and families; teachers and teaching assistants; SENCOs; Speechand Language Therapists; Occupational Therapists; Educational and Clinical Psychologists; local authority Inclusion Officersand Managers.