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22 October - 13 November
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Which One of Us is Human?

What’s on offer?

An interactive challenge in which, as a team, you will attempt to identify the 'robot' from live performers, using a few questions. This is followed by a 'debrief' with Bournemouth University researchers, where you'll discuss your tactics and explore the mystery behind the experience and what it implies about different kinds of minds.

What’s it about?

Imagine a future where robots and humans looked identical: how would you know who is human? In this 30-minute interactive session, as a group you will enter a space that will act as a time tunnel into the future. There you will meet two actors and face the challenge of making this very decision (the ‘Turing test’), choosing from a set of questions to help you identify the 'robot'. You should be wary: not all responses are as they might seem, and there are many kinds of human minds.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Maxine Gee

Dr Rachel Moseley

Scheduling information

This session will be run in slots throughout the day.