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22 October - 13 November
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Understanding the Law around Dementia

A Guide for Carers and Partners of People living with Dementia.

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What’s on offer?

Drop in anytime between 1pm - 4pm for legal advice.


Four specific talks will take place during the event, on:

Diagnosing well - 1.30pm

Supporting well - 2pm

Living well - 2.30pm

Dying well - 3pm


There's no need to stay for the full three hours.

What’s it about?

Caring for a person living with dementia can be stressful and physically and emotionally demanding at the best of times. But, during a global pandemic this situation can be exacerbated with many carers of partners living with dementia having found themselves isolated in their own home and many local authorities having changed practices completely, such as moving from all ‘in person’ needs assessments and respite to all online or telephone provision. Whilst many local authorities are trying to return to pre-Covid-19 practices, our research findings suggest that carers continue to feel disempowered in understanding and dealing with their legal rights.

Having identified these difficulties, and in collaboration with the University of Manchester’s Justice Hub, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), and GM Law Centre (GMLC), this event will seek to provide positive legal help and guidance to carers, as well as provide a social opportunity for carers of people living with dementia to meet and share their experiences.

The event will be situated in the heart of Manchester’s local community at GMLC’s premises in Levenshulme.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Phil Drake, University of Manchester

Neil Allen, University of Manchester

Professor Debora Price, University of Manchester

Dr Jayne Astbury, University of Manchester

Fintan Walker, University of Manchester

Emma Goodwin, Manchester Metropolitan University

Jason Tetley, Greater Manchester Law Centre

Open to

The event is aimed at carers of a person living with dementia but is open to anyone interested in the area of dementia law. We anticipate charities centred around supporting families with dementia may be also interested in the event.

Event Booking details

Turn up on the day - no need to book

Scheduling information

The event is deliberately timetabled for the afternoon as our research has identified that many carers find attending morning sessions difficult.