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22 October - 13 November
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The Justice Files Film Series Episode 2 (evening)

The Strange Case of the Snail in a Bottle

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What’s on offer?

First Public Screening of the film 'The Strange Case of the Snail in a Bottle' (90 mins) plus Q&A.

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What’s it about?

'The Strange Case of the Snail in a Bottle' is the second film in a series entitled 'The Justice Files', focusing on famous landmark cases that have become enshrined in the common law of over 60 countries. 

Every year, law students worldwide study these cases, which offer remarkable backstories and extraordinary narratives. The films thus provide an invaluable visual resource for educators and researchers, as well as fascinating insights and entertainment for members of the public. 

'The Strange Case of the Snail in a Bottle' is a short film dramatisation of Donoghue v Stevenson (1932), which established the crucial principle of the duty of care and laid the foundation of the modern law of negligence. Ever since, millions of claims around the world for injury or loss are directly based upon this case.

Tickets are limited to two per person.

Who’s leading the event?

Rob Giles, Senior Technician, School of Society and Culture

Hugo de Rijke, Associate Professor of Law

Open to

Anyone is welcome

Of particular interest to

Anyone interested in legal history and film