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22 October - 13 November
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Sustaining Active Travel at the Local Level

How to involve young people in decision making and planning for a more sustainable future 

What’s on offer?

Young people in the UK will feel the strongest effects of climate change and yet their voices are surprisingly absent from decisions around travel and transport. What do young people have to say about how they get around their local area and how can we involve young people in decision making to improve opportunities for sustainable and active forms of travel? 

What’s it about?

This is a 45 minute presentation, discussion, and training on a new tool kit designed to help local community organisations understand barriers young people face around active travel in their area, and create actionable information to improve young people’s experiences of travel in the community.  During 2022, we have been working with three local organisations in Leeds to better understand young people’s perspectives on the local area as they highlight important places, places they feel safe, and places they avoid, to better understand why they may not engage in forms of active travel, such as walking, cycling and scooting.  

Who’s leading the event?

With our partners at Yorkshire Sport Foundation and Leeds City Council, this event will launch our new Active Travel Youth Participation Tool Kit – a series of activities that will help your organisation to create an action plan that will identify barriers to active travel in your area and what could be done to improve it.  As part of this event, we will also be presenting the findings from our research focussed on the Seacroft area of Leeds as a springboard for a larger discussion on the topic. 

Open to

All adults and young people are welcome to attend, and it may be of particular interest to anyone involved in supporting local community organisations that serve young people, local councillors, and young people with an interest in being active in promoting sustainable travel.