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22 October - 13 November
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Marketing #neurodiversity: how can you help prevent mental illness?

What’s on offer?

10:00: Welcome and introductions 

10:30: Short film followed by a 25-minute interactive presentation by Dr Josephine Go Jefferies, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Newcastle University Business School, about managing a mental health crisis. It focuses on the concept of neurodiversity and how it may help us to improve society’s attitudes and behaviours toward destigmatising neurodevelopmental conditions. Participants will be asked to contribute their views and experiences in a variety of ways throughout the session.  

11:00 – 11:45: Panel discussion on the topic of neurodiversity with Q&A. 

12:00 – 13:00: Networking over a light buffet lunch prepared by the NEH Hub kitchen courtesy of Newcastle University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the ESRC. 

13:00: Close 

What’s it about?

This event will explore with participants novel ways of destigmatising mental illness and encourage community participation in the prevention of mental illness. 
People will be invited to explore stigmatised stereotypes and labels like mental illness, mental disorder, learning disability, mental health, ASD, ADHD, neurodiversity, etc. Audience feedback will be discussed in terms of destigmatisation processes. Invited speakers will present insights based on research into marketing neurodiversity using Twitter data and providing services targeted to support people affected by neurodiversity. The aim is to generate ideas and strategies for how local groups and businesses can help society to destigmatise neurodevelopmental disorders to build a kinder society. 

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Josephine Go Jefferies, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Newcastle University Business School 

Open to

The session is aimed at adults from the local business community with an interest in fostering mental well-being in an inclusive society. We will explore what ‘neurodiversity’ means to people and organisations, and its potential for fostering mental well-being. The event aims to generate ideas and initiatives that help prevent mental illness. 

Of particular interest to

Mental well-being is a universal concern as one in four people will experience poor mental health in their lives. Understanding this is key to developing a kinder society. As business and public services play a major role in supporting people with neurodiversity, this event will introduce a tool for knowing how best to market jobs, opportunities, products and services to people who are affected by neurodiversity in some way.  

Event Booking details

The general public will be able to turn up on the day without advanced booking.