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22 October - 13 November
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Thinking local via global: a participatory zine-making workshop on sustainability and sustainable futures

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What’s on offer?

A 2-hour zine-making workshop supporting participants to connect research on sustainability in global contexts, to sustainability as it matters to their everyday lives.  

What’s it about?

What can we learn about sustainability in our local areas from global research projects? 

This participatory workshop will showcase multiple sustainability research projects from the Global South to help participants in the Global North connect to sustainability as it relates to their daily lives. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore artefacts, stories, and findings from research projects on sustainability conducted by members of the Sustainable Futures Global Network, and supported to create their own zine on a matter of local sustainability, such as energy, health (including the COVID-19 pandemic), and communities.   

The event is open to anyone interested in pondering the relationship between global challenges and local everyday practices; and to learn from unexpected places in order to devise a local understanding through creative practices. 

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Lisa Bradley will lead this event with the support of the Scottish Hub of the Sustainable Futures Global Network, including Prof Jude Robinson, Dr Zoe Strachan, Dr Mia Perry, Dr Brian Barrett, and Dr Marcela Ramos.

Open to

This event is open to anyone with interest in the topic, the presented materials and activities are inclusive to publics of all ages. 

Of particular interest to

This will be of particular interest to people working in the area of sustainability, or personally committed to issues of sustainability, locally and globally.