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22 October - 13 November
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Launch event: Scottish Hub of the Sustainable Futures Global Network

My local area theme

What’s on offer?

Flash talks on Hub collaborations and projects communicating sustainability from Hub members and networking for community organisations and activists engaged in sustainability. 

What’s it about?

Central to the Scottish Hub is the idea that stories are the most powerful and accessible way of communicating ideas, values, research and learning. Through diverse and inclusive projects, we aim to facilitate the development of skills and methodologies in storytelling that will promote sustainability, enable equitable collaboration across disciplines and borders and communicate the impact of action and research. Through our diverse projects, we engage in (re)story-ing; the making of stories, and with it, sustainable worlds.  

Come along and meet some of the team, network, and join us at the beginning of a new chapter in our story!

We aim to support its members, partners and the wider Sustainable Futures network, as well as the communities we all occupy, with opportunities to work collaboratively and through ethical partnership to tell the stories of sustainability using the widest possible technologies and platforms.  

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Lisa Bradley will lead this event with the support of the Scottish Hub of the Sustainable Futures Global Network, including Prof Jude Robinson, Dr Zoe Strachan, Dr Mia Perry, Dr Brian Barrett, and Dr Marcela Ramos.

Open to

This event is open to anyone with interest in the topic, the presented materials and activities are inclusive to publics of all ages. We are particularly interested in a range of people that represent different age groups, professional occupations, and positions in relation to global sustainability challenges. We will use our own networks as well as the reach of the festival to encourage a wide and varied participation. 

Of particular interest to

This will be of particular interest to people working in the area of sustainability, or personally committed to issues of sustainability, locally and globally.