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22 October - 13 November
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Imagining a brighter future for social care in Wales: what’s innovation have to do with it?

A dark blue banner with blurred colourful confetti in the back ground. The logos of event partners (Social Care Wales, Nesta, Y Lab and Public Services Innovation for Wales) are detailed in white.

What’s on offer?

This three-hour session will be an interactive in-person workshop to explore the views of people in social care and their visions for the future of social care. Please choose to attend the event closest to you since the same workshop will be held in two locations. Neither workshop will be hybrid. If Covid rates rise to insecure levels, the workshops will be moved online.  

This event explores the findings of a research project, run jointly by Cardiff University's Y Lab and the People Powered Results Team at Nesta. The project looked into support for innovation in social care.

During the session we will: briefly explore the research findings, take a walk through some of the visual outputs produced by the research, interact with people’s stories and opinions of what needs to change, and refine the 10 Visions for the Future of Social Care in Wales that our research participants inspired us to create. 

What’s it about?

We know that our social care systems aren’t working, but what can we do to change that and create a healthier Wales? If you’re passionate about social care - come share, network, and exchange to have your say about what should and could happen. All are welcome - especially those who don’t know what the word ‘innovation’ means. This event is targeted at people who work in and on social care, those with lived experience of our social care system, and the families (or support networks) that navigate it. 

Who’s leading the event?

Alexis Palá, Research Associate in Y Lab of Cardiff University

Stephanie Griffith, Innovation Manager at Social Care Wales

Open to

This event is open to adults and service users of Social Care.