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22 October - 13 November
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How the War in Ukraine affects you

Multiple Dimensions of Contemporary Strategic Conflict

What’s on offer?

This in person event features a roundtable session with presenters taking turns to showcase how the war in Ukraine impacts people's lives through multiple dimensions. You will gain insight into dimensions such as effects on national security, cyber-attacks, critical infrastructure, business risk, energy prices, food prices, geopolitics, national identity, economic sanctions, alliance politics, international law, and the environment.

What’s it about?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has fundamentally disrupted the European security order. But its impact is not confined to geopolitics: in fact, those geopolitics impact directly on our everyday lives in myriad ways, both direct and indirect. By bringing together experts from different fields, Surrey's Centre for the Study of Global Power Competition seeks to encompass the multiple dimensions of contemporary strategic competition.

Who’s leading the event?

Nicholas Kitchen, Director, CGPC, University of Surrey

Joshua Andresen, Director, CGPC, University of Surrey

Open to

All welcome