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22 October - 13 November
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Holistic Connections

A Social Sciences Look at Alternative Therapies

My local area theme

What’s on offer?

Join in with 2 hours of Holistic well-being activities led by local Manchester practitioners. Each activity will last 30-35 minutes with a short 5 minute break in between each session. Participants will be asked to keep track of their thoughts and feelings throughout. 

Tai Chi class – led by a Manchester-based Tai Chi practitioner.

Group tarot class – led by Manchester-based Tarot Reader.

Group Reiki/crystal healing class – led by Manchester-based Reiki Master.

What’s it about?

Connectedness has fast-become an important part of health and well-being. Mostly, we focus on everyday ways of connecting like getting out in nature or talking part in community-oriented activities like volunteering. New social science research at the University of Manchester has explored how people often make helpful connections and build powerful relationships in non-traditional wellbeing spaces, like those provided by holistic therapies. This event will explore the importance of such connections.

This event is suitable for anyone interested in well-being, connectedness, holistic therapies, spirituality/mysticism, meditation, or in complementary and alternative medicines.

Overall, the event aims to engage public audiences in the cutting edge social science research on relationships, health and well-being carried out at The University of Manchester, and to generate new public conversations and perspectives on connectedness in holistic therapies. Through practical hands-on activities, the event will demonstrate how holistic therapies can be a valid and exciting subject of social science research. But also show the importance of making connections with others in a range of spaces, including alternative or holistic ones.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr James Hodgson

Open to

All people aged 18+

Of particular interest to

The event is targeted at people who have an existing interest in alternative and complementary medicines, holistic therapy, well-being, and issues of connected-ness and relationships in the context of mental health. The event provides a sociological view point on these practices, which takes them seriously, and as valuable forms of care.

The event may be of interest to or helpful for key workers (responsible for social prescribing) and residents of Manchester interested in what holistic well-being approaches exist in the community.

Due to the inclusion of three examples of holistic well-being activities, the event also offers participants an opportunity to explore and develop their own well-being on the day and to generate a sense of connectedness with others.