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22 October - 13 November
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Heart of the Heart – what are we doing?

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What’s on offer?

A series of talks, performances and demonstrations exploring heart health in young people

What’s it about?

The function of the human body can be fascinating for many of us. Here we’ll look at your first organ to develop – your heart. Surprising for some is that heart diseases are not limited to old age, lack of exercise or poor diet. Instead for some, genetic defects can lead to malformations or incorrect rhythms and a major risk to life.

We would like to invite you to hear some of the latest research on how, at Warwick, we are researching and teaching heart development and function. Short presentations will be followed by a Q&A panel along with teaching and research demonstrations. We’ll have a broad panel of experts to hear from and with whom to interact with. This will include hearing creative responses from young people and as well as experiencing some virtual and augmented reality demonstrations… we can also plug you in and see your ECG!

Cardiac Risk in the Young – a charity representative will give a personal account of cardiac arrest in young people and the devastating effects on their families.

Dr Tim Saunders identifying genes responsible for the heart’s complex dance of development and their relationship to disease.

Jeanette Selby informing us of how you sequence DNA to find the genetic defects.

Professor Felicity Boardman addressing the medical ethics of genetic diagnoses.

Professor Kevin Moffat demonstrating cardiac teaching through virtual reality and practically demonstrating ECG measurements.

Sujatha Menon facilitating the results of three workshops previously held with both adults and young people on their concerns and insights into the possibilities of future progress.

Who’s leading the event?

Prof Kevin Moffat

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