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22 October - 13 November
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Grandparents in the Woods

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What’s on offer?

Learn from the ecological wisdom of the Indigenous peoples of India where families have an animal or a plant as a clan ancestor! Do you want to learn how to make an animal or a plant a 'grandparent' and what will it mean for you as a family if you do this? Maybe you could make a red kite a grandparent and learn more about this amazing bird, watch for it on weekends, and see what this bird can teach you. Maybe you could adopt a dandelion and learn all about this plant and its uses. Indigenous peoples in India avoid harming their animal or plant ancestors, and in this way, they have contributed to protecting them. 

This is an interactive session for young minds involving learning from Indigenous wisdom and creating a vision of a possible adopted animal or plant grandparent. There will be a presentation and discussion on Indigenous ecological wisdom in India, followed by an art session where a vision for a possible animal or plant 'grandparent' can be drawn out on paper that will be provided.


Who’s leading the event?

Radhika Borde, Lecturer in Sustainability Transitions and Social Justice, School of Geography, University of Leeds

Woodcraft Folk, Leeds

Open to

Children aged 5 to 11. Non-woodcraft members to be accompanied by an adult.

Of particular interest to

Children and families interested in nature and nature activities, as well as those interested in learning about other cultures.