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22 October - 13 November
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Gendered Journeys: Eco-mapping to Address Gendered Inequalities in to STEM

What’s on offer?

Through joining us to explore eco-mapping, you can develop visual maps of your educational journeys to date. This will be an engaging and interactive self-assessment to reflect on the influence of family, community and society in developing educational and professional interests. Our group of interdisciplinary researchers will be on hand to share project findings on the relationship between gender and other aspects of identity and educational and occupational cultures in STEM globally. Follow us @STEM_JourneysThe

What’s it about?

Our timely Gendered Journeys project, supported by the UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund, explores the trajectories of STEM students through higher education and into employment in India, Rwanda, and the UK. Our research contributes to ongoing debates around gender inequality in STEM, where women are routinely underrepresented. It is at key transitionary points that women and other minorities in these STEM fields, particularly the so-called ‘hard’ sciences such as Engineering, Maths and Physics, often do not take the next step proceeding linearly in their studies or career pathways. This workshop applies eco-mapping to explore our own higher education experiences and further understand why gendered inequalities persist worldwide through structural and network systems, and why in many areas they are even worsening post-covid.

Who’s leading the event?

Dr Preeti Dagar,  and Prof Srabani Maitra & Prof Catherine Lido,

Open to

Everyone, especially families.

Of particular interest to

Everyone, especially school children.