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22 October - 13 November
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From Field to Plate – where does my dinner come from?

Illustration of farmland in the background, with a combine harvester harvesting produce. In the foreground, a dining table laid with food and produce from agriculture - fruit, vegetables and dairy products.

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What’s on offer?

Children will watch an animated film about food, eating and space. After that, they'll be invited to respond to a fun task through drawing. At the end of the event, the children will have the opportunity to eat a healthy meal served by Jollof Kitchen.

What’s it about?

Access to food – let alone nutritious and healthy food – has become harder. Food poverty is on the rise; in 2019-20 in the UK 5 million people or 8% of the population lived in food poverty (Gov. UK, 2020), in 2021 the food insecurity increased to 9% (The Food Foundation, 2021).

In the South-West, 5-7% of household are food insecure (Gov.UK). Children are particularly affected, lack of access to food results in negative cognitive and physical development.  

We want to know what kids (ages 7-9) think about food – what is a healthy meal? Where does food come from?  How much do we need to eat?

The event will run as a 1.5hrs workshop with primary school(s) in Plymouth. 

Who’s leading the event?

Nikolina Bobic, Lecturer in Architecture, University of Plymouth.

Open to

This is for invited primary school(s). Interest from other primary schools from the local area is welcome.

Event Booking details

Please email to register for this event.