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22 October - 13 November
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Diversity in Development - Individual Action, International Impact

What’s on offer?

A taster session on International Development and how, despite the title, it's a relevant subject for all. We are working to make the subject of International Development open and more widely available to young people from all different backgrounds. There will be a taster session on International Development - what it is, why it's relevant, who we will work with etc. And then secondly a student led panel, with a diverse number of students talking about their journey through Higher Education and into the world of International Development.

What’s it about?

What is international development and why does it matter to me? How can you create global change from your own life? We'll look at global powers and the relationship between them. We'll come to understand the dynamics that mean that famine/ drought/ aid etc are prevalent in some areas more than others. We'll investigate the impact of the historical relationships between countries, through things like colonialism, that have shaped our world today. We'll also come to learn how young people today are changing the world, how they have worked through barriers they've faced to take on roles and responsibilities in organisations changing the world today.

Who’s leading the event?

Chris Hatton (Educational Engagement, University of Leeds)

Open to

Young people aged 15-18

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