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22 October - 13 November
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Beyond Allyship: Racial Inclusion and Sense of Belonging

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Professional audiences

What’s on offer?

"The main focus of the event will be an interactive workshop and roundtable discussion, followed by a Q&A session with Dr. Kendi Guantai. The workshop will explore the African philosophy of Ubuntu, followed by a roundtable discussion exploring the role and application of Ubuntu with regards to racial equality and sense of belonging in public policy. There will be a West African buffet lunch and networking session at the end of the event.
The event will take place at the Wodohouse Community Centre in Leeds - a well-used community building at the heart of Leeds' Black African and Caribbean diaspora communities.
10 minutes: Introduction and Context
20 mins: Story-Circle Icebreaker
20 mins: Overview of the ‘Abantu Moments of Inclusion and Sense of Belonging Project ’
10 mins: Q&A Session
30 mins: All that We share Ubuntu group activity
10 mins: Reflections
20 mins: First Roundtable Discussion
30 mins: Lunch break (Caribbean buffet)
20 mins: Second roundtable Discussion
30 mins: Group Presentations and Plenary
10 mins: Final remarks, 'next steps' from the project team and thanks

What’s it about?

"On behalf of the ‘Abantu Moments of Inclusion and Sense of Belonging’ project team, Dr. Kendi Guantai invites you to this roundtable session.

This event is for third sector organisations working with communities of people who identify as Black/Mixed with Black ethnicity, African and/or Caribbean, as well as commissioners, policy makers, key community figures and Black/African/Caribbean business/charity owners in Leeds.

This will be an opportunity to share, promote and review learning from Dr. Kendi Guantai's previous work exploring Moments of Inclusion and Sense of Belonging as experienced by the Black/Mixed with Black ethnicity, African and/or Caribbean communities in Leeds.

There will be an introduction for participants to the concept of Ubuntu, an opportunity to explore what inclusion and belonging looks and feels like, and how Ubuntu can be used to support EDI in policy making.

Who’s leading the event?

"The event will be led by Dr. Kendi Guantai, University Co-Dean for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Associate Professor in Corporate Communications and Co-Chair of Leeds ACTS.

The event coordinator is Sonja Woodcock, a member of the ZEST project as well as the project worker for Leeds ACTS at VAL (Voluntary Action Leeds).

Open to

The event will be targeted at representatives from third sector organisations, policy makers from statutory partners in Leeds and Black business/charity owners in Leeds.